Everywhere I Go…


I’ve been on vacation.  I tried to take a vacation from the stress and frustration of fighting our new neighbor, the Keystone Development #2 Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine.  I discovered that wherever I go, this issue now goes with me.  People ask about it, which is an educational opportunity that I won’t pass up.  My friends and family probably heard more, and now know more, than they wanted to.  I’d like to apologize for that, but I can’t really.  I think we should become more conscious of the true costs of our energy consumption.

On the last day of my vacation I went to an amazing dinner at a local restaurant, The Bluegrass Kitchen.  They were sponsoring a Haiku event.  The above image was mine.  My dear daughter read it and said, “Wow, mom, that’s depressing.”  She was right.  I consciously moved the issue to the back of my mind to enjoy the food, drink and especially, the company of my spouse and out-of-state family.

But it’s never really gone.  Every day there is something to do regarding the fight.  I can’t apologize for being, honestly, obsessed, by something so important.  It’s hard for me to understand why everyone isn’t.


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